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Stronghold Property Management is a property and investment management company, specializing in condominium, real estate management and investment management through Ontario, Canada and selected cities in the United States.  We also offer in-house Real Estate Services to facilitate all transactional needs.

Stronghold is a true management company. We do not own the properties we manage.

We are a medium-sized management company presently servicing residential and industrial condominium corporations, and industrial and residential rental complexes. Several members of our staff have been in the business of condominium management since condominiums first gained popularity in Ontario in 1968. Our personnel ensure that every property we manage receives special attention based on its particular requirements.

These attributes form the basis for establishing long-term management processes to meet the goals of property owners and develop a consistent high level of owner and tenant satisfaction, as reflected by the length of time we have been serving many of our clients. Equally as important is the emphasis we place on determining your goals and achieving them, rather than trying to impose our ideas on you. We provide owners with the information and expertise required to make informed decisions and then arrange for the timely implementation of your resolutions.


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